Tractatus Design Studio was founded by two individuals. One developer and one designer (who refer to themselves simply as “The Developer” and “The Designer”). Their names are Michael Benedict (The Designer) and Kenneth Zimny (The Developer). After they met while working collaboratively at a Chicago-based creative agency, they realized their shared passion for creating experiential designs, iterating on new ways of collaborating with clients, solving problems, and addressing users’ needs as the main focus of their processes. Their adamancy for transparency is impeccable. Their empathetic approach to getting to know their clients is stellar. Their desire to change the world with clean code and well-rounded virtual experiences are infinite. Welcome to the Tractatus Design Studio, where we aim to design amazing experiences for the good of humanity.



Michael’s background in sound design goes back nearly 20 years. As an experimental musician, he has won awards, attained critical recognition for his work on Flying Lotus’s label “Brainfeeder,” he’s been featured in major publications, and has made countless hours of strange sounds to accompany his life as he lives it. He transitioned into graphic design, UX design, animation and videography in the early 2010’s, and has continued on ever since. He likes to cook, hang out with his wife, and make wire art in his free time.

Headshot image of Michael.
The Designer
Headshot image of Ken.
The Developer


Ken handles the coding, development, and deployment of websites for Tractatus Design Studio. His introduction to coding began back in 2015 when he was writing C++/C programs for the Arduino. Looking for ways to further develop his coding skills and follow his passion, Ken pivoted careers and became a front-end web developer. He finds challenge, excitement, and satisfaction in the websites he creates. In his spare time you can find Ken building electronics, 3D printing, or experimenting with new and creative ideas.