your perfect.

Discover Your Perfect.

The notion that “imperfection is the digital perfection” was striking, so we decided to explore the void in meaning that tends to find itself in things that are mathematically “perfect.” The your perfect campaign started with the idea of strategizing, visualizing, and executing the perception of perfected imperfection.

Create Your Perfect.

Along the way of this attempt, we were designing this very website, and had many conversations about “organic shapes,” how to, and even whether or not to ever use them. This got us thinking about the organic workflow we had established with ourselves without really realizing it. Our collaborative approach to design had blossomed so naturally, the process itself had taken on its own organic shape.

Everything can be perfect :)

We started experimenting with 3d software, letting the natural direction of things take their own turns. The only direction we ever ordered ourselves was when to “stop.” And that’s how we landed at the shapes within the campaign. The concept was the target we focused on, and otherwise, we just let the wind take us there.

Make Your Perfect.

The content for the campaign was at first challenging. Trying to articulate this concept was starting to become forced, and the reconciliation with each edit swiftly taught us that just as the concept was revealing itself to use through the imagery, the campaign was only to be successful if we used the same method when copywriting our brand.

Be Your Perfect.

The faces, figures, and shapes that took form within the confines of our studio were indeed perfect to us because they are us in so many ways. The copy had to reflect the same simplicity which described this phenomenon. With as few words as possible, we simply said, “Be Your Perfect.” This simple phrase brought our work into a whole new level of evolution; low and behold, we finally put to words what we wanted to say to the world.

Assemble Your Perfect.

As we were moving forward, proceeding in a progressive fashion was the goal. However, we started implementing a few “rules” into our workflow to keep restraint on the spirit of the campaign. We were to keep revolving images, whether the objects were being spun on an axis themselves, or had a camera spinning on an axis around the objects.

Capture Your Perfect.

The rhyme to the reason for putting the viewers’ lens on an axis was that when searching for our “perfect,” we often find ourselves going in circles, coming back to ideas that we’ve abandoned, and putting forth new meaning to them over time as we become different people upon revisitation of these artifacts. The campaign was taking form, and our newfound parameters were happening in tandem with the development of our workflow, synergy, communication, and brand.

Capture Your Perfect.

The soundtracks for these micro-ads were to exacerbate the campaign’s overall aesthetic. All of them are original concepts produced by the Tractatus Design Studio, and in doing so, the sonic elements helped tighten the stitches of what is our indefinite perfect campaign. Maybe “campaign” isn’t the right word; rather, it’s a perma-project that has no end. It’s us spinning in circles, giving the world a glimpse at who we are becoming in as close to real-time as possible.

Exercise Your Perfect.

Moving forward, we realized that we had developed a concept, tonality, branding, design, and coded this very website in less than 1 month. Coincidentally, the design for this particular animation mimicked a beating heart. We called it “Exercise Your Perfect” because of how its reflection was so on-point with how we were sprinting to meet our deadlines.

Conquer Your Perfect.

Today, this animation takes the form of some kind of deformed elephant. The metaphor here is that it’s the day of our site launch, and like an elephant, the day swooped in with colossal force almost silently as we completed our sprint to finish the site. Now it’s finalized, and this “elephant” that we’ve created still has a ways to go before its final form is revealed. This piece is called “Conquer Your Perfect,” calling out our ambition to carve our nitch and tame the beast of what is this blooming business we’re endeavoring.

Focus Your Perfect.

“Focus Your Perfect” is the turning point. As the first day of launch is passing, we’re on the path to finding our voice, audience, and meeting our goals. We look forward to what the next week, month, year, and decade have in store.

Love Your Perfect.

Our copy is beginning to evolve and in an effort to stray from what’s becoming an ominous display of deformed figures and shapes. We’re beginning to add a sense of humor (at least what we consider “humor”) to the copy. By adding this seemingly minor detail, we are finding that even in this first experiment, the tonality is beginning to evolve in conjunction with every additional word.

What Is Your Perfect.

“What Is Your Perfect” is an ambiguation of what the “perfect” perma-project has been. As we question who we are and bounce ourselves off the walls trying to understand the world’s interpretation of us juxtaposed with our ever-changing semblance of balance, questions are often the blind roadmaps we need to travel under such circumstances. Focusing on ambiguity is sometimes what brushes off the moss from what we sometimes lose: sight. “Nice Hair” acts as a balance of humor, as well as a callout to the “mirror” if you will; humanity’s reflection is truly one of marvelous expansion.

Sing Your Perfect.

The designs are starting to take shape on their own. The animals are becoming more prevalent and fun to work with. We’re finding nature’s perfection in the designs as well let go of our desire to “control” the outcome. We’re breaking through to “perfect” in small ways that will eventually make up a “perfect” whole.

Rescue Your Perfect.

This animation is being posted later than usual, and we apologize to anyone who was wondering. However, this animation arrived late to us, too. Earlier in the day, we just couldn’t quite lock it in, and we began to feel a wave of helplessness. And that’s how we finished this piece.

Salvage Your Perfect.

“The world is everything that is the case.” This is a quote by Ludwig Wittgenstein, the author of the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. Salvage Your Perfect is a direct result of this quote. The metaphor here is aimed to give users the sense that they’re a part of something much bigger than themselves, and this perpetual truth transcends opinion, contribution, and control. To keep one’s self as genuine as possible is how the world will continue turning on its axis and evolve our Earthling community into something so much more interesting than we imagine. If one seeks to control, look inward. Let go of what’s outside of your purview.

Maintain Your Perfect.

Maintain Your Perfect” is a venture into a more cartoonish direction with regard to the animation. Metal is difficult to maintain (rust, right?). The elements are brutal. Cartoons are fragile, careful, and precise. This animation was none of those things. To maintain your perfect is to remain in your self-defined element, and trust yourself architecting the world you’re in.

Release Your Perfect.

Release Your Perfect” is a commentary on fear. To realize one’s potential, oftentimes you have to negotiate the fear out of your system. Release the fear, and realize that you’re always perfect; fear just tries to invalidate the beauty.

Trust Your Perfect.

Trust Your Perfect.” Trust that the fear is only just that. As this campaign expands, we’re getting into more existential philosophizing, again all lending to how this campaign isn’t a campaign at all; it’s a reaffirmation that we hope resonates with our audience to look past the mathematical perfections that populate our culture.

Embrace Your Perfect.

Embrace Your Perfect.” That’s right. Just embrace it.

Invent Your Perfect.

Invent Your Perfect.” Cats are often synonymous with all things allusive. Don’t let your version of perfect become an enigma. Invent it, reinvent it, rinse, and repeat.

Invest Your Perfect.

There’s no better investment…

Intensify Your Perfect.

Intensity is something to build off of.